‘Feels like North to me' is about the magnetic pull that some places can have together with the loss of true orientation that familiarity can bring. Based upon South Bay in Scarborough UK and Las Canteras beach in Las Palmas GC it uses postcard like painted imagery of equivalents from each place, magnets and iron filings and compasses both accurate and inaccurate. These two bays are where I spend most of my life and their similarities are uncanny. Most bizarre is that when I face the headlands of both beaches it feels that I am facing North but actually one is facing South, it is a kind of experiential illusion that I feel at home with.
Exhibited in Melbourne as part of Artaviso's 'Compass' exhibition in July and August 2023.
I had emergency surgery on my jaw in January 2023 and have the staff of the 5th and 6th floors of the Hospital Dr Negrin in Las Palmas GC to thank for saving me. When I got home and removed the dressing I was shocked to see 21 metal staples glinting in the bathroom mirror. I had had no idea they were there - a glittering and magical prelude to a big, fat scar.
Finalist in The Vesuvius International Festival 2023.
Á Walk to the Shops´- My walk to the shops is through an industrial estate, along a road covered in plastic bottles and plastic bags. Sometimes the sky is red or it is raining heavily and it makes me think that perhaps that the end of the world is close by. When the wind whistles loudly I wonder how it will happen.
1. Plastic
2. Fire
3. FloodI know it will not be heroic, that it will be shocking, clunky, fast, sinister, and scary.
Tick tock.
A walk to the shops.
A short video in 3 parts illustrating possible ends for the world based around a simple walk to the shops and the problems that the world faces with single use plastic, global warming and rising water levels. Filmed in Gran Canaria España. Chosen for the Orbe Terracqueo Climarte Festival, Italy 2023.
A video poem. ‘Memory is a Beach’ 2015 - Official selection London Short Film Festival 2016 - is about the futility of looking back to the past in the hope of finding answers to the present where only shape shifting sands are to be found. Below water sequences were filmed on Fuertaventura one of the Canary Islands, Spain with an iPhone 5s in a freezer bag.
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