My photographs are usually autobiographical and the result of some kind of performance activity or commentaries/one liners about life and something it has thrown at me. They are often dark and sometimes funny. They are available as giclée prints via my contact page.
'Prelude'  I had emergency surgery on my jaw in January 2023 and have the staff of the 5th and 6th floors of the Hospital Dr Negrin in Las Palmas to thank for saving me. When I got home and removed the dressing I was shocked to see 21 metal staples glinting in the bathroom mirror. I had had no idea they were there - a glittering prelude to a big, fat scar. This image is a still from a short video of the same name.
'Armed'  This image was taken and created immediately after  I had the tattoo and is a mix of my blood bag from a donation and my arm with fresh tattoo. I am O negative blood type which can be given to anyone - a blood bag as Mad Max is called in the last movie. My tattoo is a public statement to encourage people who see it to give blood regularly and not just take it when needed, very few people do and I think it should be mandatory.
'Tongue tied'  This image came into being along with those below as a series dealing with an extremely painful relationship break up where I was literally lost for words and lots of other things.
Images below: 'Didn't see it coming', 'Nailed' and 'Suckered'.
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