The South China Sea is so heavily polluted with plastic that during some months, you cannot get into the sea without wading through plastic bags, cups, straws and tiny parts from toys and goodness knows what. These works take the beautiful myth of the mermaid and place them within the South China Sea.
'Mermaids: Mother & Daughter Wearing Tiaras' features a mother and daughter' crying, wearing waste plastic tiaras. These paintings use plastic picked up from my local beach in one afternoon during August 2020.
Acrylics and gilding on canvas, 31 x 41.5cm.
'Ariel and her friends are dying in the South China Sea': 'Ariel'; 'Ariel's friends'; and 'Mother & Daughter'. 
Acrylics and gilding on canvas, 16 x 20”.
'Vomiting Mermaids' a set of 5 pen, ink and paint works on paper 2020
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