'Warriors 1, 2 and 3', 2020. Acrylic and bling on canvas 40 x 51.5 cm.
Inspired by protestors in Hong Kong 2019/20.
Lips and Nails

Imagine if the women in Old Master paintings and sculptures had access to false acrylic nails and lipstick...
Lamma Island
'Rainy night on Lamma Island' (40.5cm x 30cm) and 'Rainy night junipers at Tai Wan Tsuen' (51cm x 40cm), both acrylic and gilded silver on canvas, 2020.
Re-painting History
Paintings combining historical and contemporary references, 2019/2020. Left to right: 'Dog Days' , 'Dragon Lady' and 'Hand of God'. Acrylics on canvas with gilding and bling.                            
Left to right: 'A Tudor Selfie' ,  'Unicorn'   and   'Who Cares'
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