Angels. Well, where did they come from? I am not a God Botherer - I was bought Timothy Han's perfume Decay of an Angel as a gift; a smell of dead flowers and funeral parlours but just about gorgeous. And it got me to thinking. About angels. Archangels in particular. They are the ones with jobs- functions, given roles.
So I recruited some... to pose for me and gave them their angel identities. Left to right ...
Angel 1 The Guardian - This angel is on your side. They will protect you and stand up for you, avenge - arriving in a shower of comets, stars and balls of fire.
Angel 2 The Saviour - This angel is a lifeguard, a socorrista, a lifesaver. Whatever circumstance you get yourself into they are there to care and to save.
Angel 3 The Armchair Angel - Advice giver and wise this angel believes in strength through unity. A quiet superhero with a strong fist for righteousness.
Angel 4 The Hooded Angel - Hanging out in the city in doorways, dark corners and on the top of buildings. Beautiful and terrifying this angel tries to do the right thing.
Angel 5 The Pet Angel - This angel cares for all those furry and fluffy things that we love and then discard. They are the green cross with bright plumage and a collar but no lead.
Acrylics, pen and bling on Fabriano paper 50cm x 70cm
Prints on canvas being exhibited in Taipei during December courtesy of and @latelier._m

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