'Bufadero' an animated landscape combining drawing, video, sound and effects made for the artaviso virtual exhibition 'Elsewhere and other Places', 30/8/21 to 31/12/21 (https://www.artaviso.com/fatima-fletcher/).
On the north-west coast of Gran Canaria, just outside the town of La Garita, there is a natural phenomenon called ‘El Bufadero’.
The sea has carved a cauldron shape into the volcanic coastline, and twice a day when the tide is right, waves pour in, filling the bowl up and creating a vortex of broiling, swirling seawater. The finale comes as pressure build and a spume of water is blasted to the sky through a tiny fissure in the rocks. Filling and emptying, blowing, broiling and foaming, ‘El Bufadero’ is a thing of both terror and beauty. Since moving here I have visited this phenomenon with fear and fascination.
One particular day the sky was dark and overcast, and ‘El Bufadero’ was performing at its best. As I stood on the crazy-paved pathway, next to a waste bin, watching the spectacle from a distance, the clouds suddenly parted allowing a ray of sun to hit the fluorescent red life belt attached to the warning sign, simultaneously a rainbow arced down into the sea.
For me this is a perfect moment, magic conjured by nature that made me gasp and want to relive it over and over again.
I tried to recreate it through pen and ink drawings, I tried to recapture it with photography and video. Alone neither of these methods worked, so I put them together and now it can loop forever.
Below are sketches made on Gran Canaria as the starting point for other animated landscapes.

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